• Apr 20, 2017
  • by Terry Sachetti

So it’s been a wild day – but you finally have a chance to flop on the couch and blaze one up. Isn’t life grand? But then the phone rings: It’s your boss, soon to stop by with some paperwork. Or your uptight parents, who just happen to be in the neighborhood. Or your latest (clean-living) romantic interest, who wants to pop by for a chat. Even if you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you likely don’t want everyone to know you partake. But once the smoke is in the air, what’s an upright toker to do?



No, Febreze won’t help you. (As a friend said, “Febreze just makes it smell like weed and Febreze.”)  The same is true with any other scented spray. A far better bet is NixT™ 420 Spray, the cutting-edge odor eliminator we’re launching this month. Rather than just masking the skunk smell, NixT™ 420 destroys odor molecules on contact – leaving no trace of the cannabis aftersmell you’re so keen to kill. Our beta-testers loved it: “After four sprays,” said one amazed Millennial, “the odor was entirely gone.”


Order NixT™ 420 today to see – and smell – for yourself. It’s the best way to leave no trace, protect your privacy.