• Apr 11, 2017
  • by Terry Sachetti

NixT™ 420 is an Advanced Odor Eliminator Technology That Actually Destroys Cannabis Odor Molecules, so you seriously want to protect our privacy & leave no trace.

NixT™ was developed by one of the top chemist in the country, to specifically, totally erase any detection of cannabis trace smell. Loud is not always cool in certain situations. When you have a serious bad smell and you need the very best odor eliminator to kill that skunk smell to clear the air, without some heavy strong fragrance left behind, NixT™ 420 Odor Eliminator is what you need. Just spray as needed and the bad smell is gone. One 4oz bottle has 800 sprays so you can use it every time you want to Leave No Trace. Let's face it, the Cannabis Culture has been wanting something this effective for a long time.

Where does NixT™ 420 work? It is better to ask where it does not work. It works everywhere on everything. Seriously. Have a car that is so dank, yes it eliminates the bad odor and your mother would never know you just puffed in it. How about apartments and dorms where you are trying to not be detected and ratted out? Yes works great there too. How about those events where you have to duck into a Porta Potty for a quick hit. Yes it will take care of that too and not only marijuana stink but everything else in there that stinks. Due to this top formulation that was designed for cannabis, the end result is it also works on any gross smelling odors. Vomit, urine, poop,anything. Take the NixT™ challenge and try to find something that NixT™ does not work on. 

We know there are other products on the market that claim to get rid of the cannabis smell. Most use some kind of masking agent, meaning some kind of good smell to cover up the marijuana smell. But after a while the smell comes back because it did not totally destroy the cannabis molecule, it just masked it for a while. NixT™ 420 actually destroys the cannabis odor molecule, if it is touched by the spray it is gone. Oh and we do not use a nice smell with NixT™, it is odor less. So if the skunk order is gone and we did not use a fragrance then obviously NixT™ totally eliminated the odor molecule. This is also perfect for the discrete medical marijuana smokers, it will protect your privacy and leave not trace.

Seriously, give NixT 420 Odor Remover a try and it will soon become your best friend when you need it. Again protect your privacy and leave no trace.